framing consultation

The benefit of working with NiceView is that we have the personal touch and can provide our clients a unique hand crafted frame.

We start at the very beginning with each client, spending time with them on a one to one basis so we get the exceptional standard of design and finish the client desires.


frame delivery London

Some frames are extremely heavy due to the size and/or what the prints has been mounted on, handling and manoeuvring these heavy frames can be very difficult so we do provide a professional delivery service.


framing design

A frame provides a strong, protective enclosure to a work of art; frames are either quite distinctive which sets off a picture quite sharply or they are barely noticeable as they blend in so well with the element of the artwork. A frame can be almost any size from a few inches square to the size of an entire wall.

The design can vary depending on the impact the client wants but you normally start with the moulding shape and size, these need to complement the print or the piece of artwork.

The shape of the profile, the material, the colour of the profile and the proportions of the frame are the main areas that you need to focus on when designing a frame, the glazing is also very important as this contributes to the overall image of the frame.


framing installation London

All the frames we produce come with a hanging system depending on the size of the frame.

We use either string/wire for the smaller frames which do not require a sub frame. For the larger frames which require a sub frame we do also supply a baton which the frame securely sits on. The baton only needs a couple of screws to attach it to the wall.

If you are not confident enough to hang your frame yourself we do provide a hanging service which does need to be pre booked in advance.

After Care

Cleaning Glass

cleaning glass frame

When cleaning the glass of the frame we recommend that you use a cleaning solution, Spray the solution directly onto the cleaning cloth. Wipe the cleaning cloth over the glazing until clean trying to avoid coming into contact with the frame itself. Continue to wipe the glazing until all the cleaning solution has evaporated.

Handling Frame

handling frames

When carrying the frame; make sure that the frame is supported on both sides and never pick up the frame by the top edge as this doesn't support the frames weight and can cause damage to the top corners as they are under the most pressure.

Hanging Frame

hanging your frame

If you are hanging your frame always make sure that the frame has the necessary fixings and that these are secure. Check the wall which the frame is going to be hung on to make sure it is a solid material. Be sure to check this and be certain the fixing are secure to take the weight of the frame before hanging.